Mountain ebike E1506

Product introduction

Excellent weight distribution with both the motor and battery pack mounted low and center on the frame, this is important for stability if you plan to ride at high speed

Medium sized tires and a 60 mm suspension fork offer comfort when riding at higher speed, but the fork can be locked out to reduce bob and increase efficiency on smooth terrain as well

Classic diamond frame looks cool, offers strength and stiffness, provides enough room for a bottle cage mount on the seat tube, can easily be hung from the top tube on car and bus racks, and is available in three sizes for improved fit

Product Details

Frame:Aluminum alloy
Brakes F/R:Hydraulic Disc Brake
Derailleur:Shimano 24 Speeds
Front fork:Suspension
Max speed:25Km/h
Battery:36V; 10.4 Ah
Motor:Central Drive
Motor rated power:250W
Motor rated voltage:36V

Product Application

Quality rims with reinforcement eyelets to support more weight and mechanical force produced by the motor at high speed

The motor is incredibly responsive and can operate at a higher RPM for those who like to spin, it also incorporates shift-sensing to reduce strain on the chain, sprockets and derailleur

Product picture

Mountain ebike E1506

Product Advantages

High density of energy
Light weight
Low self-discharge
Low internal resistance
Long cycle life, chargeable up to 1000 times
No memory effect
Doesn’t contain Mercury, No fire, No explosion, No leakage
Environmental friendly

Product Transport

After receiving the order, we will choose the corresponding products for packaging, and then choose a reasonable mode of transportation for delivery.
The specific time is determined by the destination.


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