Mountain ebike E1609

Product introduction

Both the battery pack and display panel can be quickly removed when parking to store and charge separately,

it’s also good to remove the battery when transporting the bike to reduce weight

Both wheels offer quick release which makes fixing flats and doing other maintenance easy, also good for transporting the bike if you’ve got a van or station wagon and plan to put it inside

Large hydraulic disc brakes provide smooth, powerful stops, the levers offer adjustable reach and only require one or two fingers to actuate

Product Details

Frame:Aluminum alloy
Brakes:Mechanical Disc Brake
Derailleur:Shimano 24 Speeds
Front fork:Suspension
Max speed:25Km/h
Battery:36V; 11.3 Ah
Motor:Rear Drive
Motor rated power:250W
Motor rated voltage:36V

Product Application

The trigger shifting mechanism is upgraded, the paddles feel solid and the tiny one (used to shift into higher harder gears) can be pushed or pulled which allows for different hand positions

This is handy if you’re chatting with a friend and have the bike loaded, you won’t have to push so hard to get it moving and go up hills etc.

Product picture

Mountain ebike E1609

Product Advantages

High density of energy
Light weight
Low self-discharge
Low internal resistance
Long cycle life, chargeable up to 1000 times
No memory effect
Doesn’t contain Mercury, No fire, No explosion, No leakage
Environmental friendly

Product Transport

After receiving the order, we will choose the corresponding products for packaging, and then choose a reasonable mode of transportation for delivery.
The specific time is determined by the destination.


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