Mountain ebike E1405

Product introduction

28 inch 36V 250W 9 Speed Mountain bike is a standard gauge rear carry rack, an ABUS frame lock and integrated LED lights! It’s ready to commute in any conditions

Stealthy frame… the battery pack is completely integrated into the downtube and paint matched, the TranzX M25GTS motor is round so it hides behind the chainring and is smaller, lighter and quieter than some of the earlier TranzX / Currie Electrodrive designs like the M07

The motor is smooth and responsive, even though it doesn’t offer shift sensing the combination of cadence and torque sensing feels like a higher quality product

High speed pedal-assist performance (up to 28 miles per hour with active rider input) means you’ll arrive quicker but also drain the battery faster above 20 mph due to air resistance

The suspension fork, larger diameter wheels and thicker tires provide comfort when traveling over longer distances, bumpy terrain and at higher speeds… the ergonomic grips and suspension post add comfort

Product Details

Frame:Aluminum alloy
Brakes:Hydraulic Disc Brake
Derailleur:Shimano 9 Speeds
Front fork:Suspension
Max speed:25Km/h
Battery:36V; 10.4 Ah
Motor:Central Drive
Motor rated power:250W
Motor rated voltage:36V

Product Application

Even though this model only comes in a high-step “diamond” frame design, it has been engineered with an angled top tube to lower stand over height which makes holding the bike at rest or walking over it easier

Because the motor is mounted at the center of the frame along with the battery pack, weight is kept lower which improves stability

The center-drive system leverages your chain and 9 speed cassette to operate more efficiently for climbing or reaching higher speeds, it offers better range than a similarly rated hub motor if you manage your gears properly and the SLX drivetrain is solid mid-level (better components)

Higher-end parts all around including Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with a larger 180 mm rotors, Shimano SLX derailleur for precision shifting and stiff, large alloy platform pedals for stability and traction


Nice wire management, all of the cables and electronics are run through the frame and there are even some extra support points to keep them from getting in the way, they blend in with the black paint scheme

Product picture

Mountain ebike E1405

Product Advantages

High density of energy
Light weight
Low self-discharge
Low internal resistance
Long cycle life, chargeable up to 1000 times
No memory effect
Doesn’t contain Mercury, No fire, No explosion, No leakage
Environmental friendly

Product Transport

After receiving the order, we will choose the corresponding products for packaging, and then choose a reasonable mode of transportation for delivery.
The specific time is determined by the destination.


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